The Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT), or National Council of Science and Technology, is a public agency of the Mexican federal government dedicated to promoting and stimulating the development of science and technology in Mexico.


Through CONACYT, it is possible for Mexican students to get financial support for graduate studies (masters or Ph.D.) in universities recognized for academic excellence both inside and outside the country.

CALAREO-CONACYT Graduate Scholarships

CALAREO and CONACYT signed a graduate scholarships agreement in 2017.  In order for a Mexican student to obtain a CONACYT scholarship, you first need to be admitted to a program in a CALAREO member university. Please review the CONACYT webpage ( ) to obtain more information regarding scholarship for international programs.  Confirm directly with CONACYT regarding the eligibility of your selected master’s or Ph.D. program.  Another source of financing for Mexican graduate students is the Bank of Mexico.  Consult

Accreditation and Evaluation Of Postgraduate Programs

CONACYT evaluates and accredits graduate programs offered by institutions of higher education in Mexico. Those programs which meet its high-quality criteria become part of the National Register of Postgraduate Quality (PNPC).

National System of Researchers

CONACYT manages the National System of Researchers (SNI), which provides economic stimulus to researchers who have covered some academic criteria for productivity and have undergone rigorous assessments by their academic peers.

Funding to Industry

Conacyt manages a series of fiscal stimulus such as the RENIECyT program, through which funding is provided to projects that will generate technological development for Mexico.

Research Centres

CONACYT administers 27 public research centers in Mexico.



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